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We are professional teachers who can help you or your child with any musical goal you may have.

So what makes us different?

We teach you what YOU want to learn! If you want to play with a band, play and
sing, learn a few cover tunes, write, record, or any other musical goal you may
have, my main focus is to teach you to USE what you learn. (Not just learn about

We don’t have to learn any boring songs that you have no interest in.
We don’t have to be extremely rigid with practice. (Yes, work is still involved,
but too many teachers literally teach only ONE method for all students,
never taking the individual in mind.)

Want some examples?

When taking voice lessons, almost all other teachers focus on learning classical songs
in foreign languages. NONE of what you learn is directly applicable to singing
karaoke, singing with a band, etc. Great technique, but a lot of lost time that
we could be learning how to sing what YOU want, and improving that.

With guitar, many teachers force students to learn to sight read first. I believe
very strongly that note reading and music theory is important, but you cound
practice for an entire year with that method and still not know one single thing
that will allow you to play a song on the radio! (BTW, I have a degree in classical
guitar, and had a scholarship for jazz guitar- These opinions are from observation,
not because I didn’t “feel” like learning to read music or understand music theory)

The best thing to do is call or come in. You’ll see the moment you walk through
the door why and how we’re different. And you’ll love it!

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